Titanfall 2 is on Steam, you know what to do


Six more for the catalog

Electronic Arts is really putting the “EA” in “Steam.”

Let’s pretend I didn’t write that.

EA has been aggressively adding some of its back catalog to Steam, breaking free from the Origins shackles by which they were once bound. It started with a baker’s dozen two weeks ago, followed by nine more last week.

In advance of today’s EA Play stream, another six-pack have been listed on Steam. Among them, Titanfall 2— one of the finest games EA has ever published. It’s on sale too! You can pick it up for $9.89 (even though it has been on sale and even free many times over the years).

Here are today’s EA Steam additions and their sale prices:

This is just the start of the glut of EA news. We’ll be back in a couple hours to break out everything that happens at EA Play.