Titanfall 2's next free update adds four-player co-op


Assemble your squad

Respawn has done a commendable job supporting Titanfall 2 with free content updates. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll feel obligated to say it again. But for folks who aren’t at least partially invested in the PvP, it can be tough to break away from your current game of choice in favor of picking this one back up just to play a new map. Today’s a different story, though: the next update will bring more maps as usual, but it’s also rolling out a four-player co-op horde mode. It’ll be live on Tuesday, July 25.

In Frontier Defense, teams will fend off five separate waves of enemies, with the ability to earn and spend cash on things like batteries and sentries in between encounters. There will be multiple difficulties to bash your head against, of course, and there’s also a wider progression incentive with Aegis Ranks, a system through which you can upgrade your Titan by completing matches.

Five maps — Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise, and Blackwater Canal — will be playable at launch, with more to come. As for PvP, there are two more maps coming up for Titanfall 2: the aforementioned Rise, a desert reservoir, and the Live Fire map Township, a snug residential area.

Even if it is familiar, Frontier Defense should serve as a nice respite from intense PvP matches (and as a bonus for folks who bought the game solely for its campaign). If you’re still sleeping on Titanfall 2, there will be another free trial on PC and consoles from July 28 – 30 with multiplayer access.

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