Titanfall devs are respawning at Infinity Ward



After the massive legal battle between Vince Zampella and Jason West of Infinity Ward and Activision, a bunch of former Call of Duty developers left the company to form Respawn Entertainment. Their first new IP, a joint operation with EA, was the critically acclaimed Titanfall, which failed to even make a dent in Call of Duty’s massive success. The sequel, Titanfall 2, failed even worse and was basically sent out to die by EA.

Now, though, it seems that a bunch of former developers from Infinity Ward are returning to the company. This is mostly coming from Reddit users digging around on LinkedIn to check resumes, but more than a few ex-Infinity Ward and Call of Duty devs are now back with the company. This exodus of talent seems to have started happening in mid-2017, before EA acquired Respawn for $455 million in November.

What this means for the future of Titanfall is uncertain. With most of the talent leaving Respawn and a Titanfall sequel already being confirmed, who’s to say that EA’s sequel will retain the same quality standards as before? Along with that, does this mean that the next Call of Duty will be more of a return to form than WW2 was? A lot of this is just speculation, but it raises a lot more questions than answers.

Several Respawn devs (Former InfinityWard devs) are back at InfinityWard [Reddit]