Toby Fox is looking into a Wii U Undertale port


Would need help remaking the game

Undertale, that bullet hell RPG meme fuel that the Internet loves or loves to hate, has so far only been available for PC gamers, but that has not stopped gamers from clamouring for information about possible ports.

Talking on Twitter today, developer Toby Fox acknowledged that he has talked with Nintendo about a Wii U port of the game, but would need someone else to help port the game to the system.

It’s surreal that it’s newsworthy that a Nintendo rep tweeted at me. I actually already talked to Nintendo about a port months ago… ^^;;

— toby’s Fox (@FwugRadiation) February 4, 2016

But Game Maker (what I use) doesn’t export to any Nintendo platforms. In most cases, the game would have to be reprogrammed from scratch.

— toby’s Fox (@FwugRadiation) February 4, 2016

So I’m concerned about accuracy/bugs. I’ve reached the point of “might as well try it” though. This isn’t an announcement or promise.

— toby’s Fox (@FwugRadiation) February 4, 2016

BTW, I wouldn’t do the porting/reprogramming myself. It’d be up to someone else. I don’t know any actual programming languages LOL

— toby’s Fox (@FwugRadiation) February 4, 2016

ALSO if there was a Wii U port do you think all the UNDERTALE Miiverse posts would finally have a home? Or would it just spread them more?

— toby’s Fox (@FwugRadiation) February 4, 2016

While it’s important to note this is not a formal announcement, it is exciting to read nonetheless.

I know for one I would play a Wii U port of Undertale, even if just to return to a happy ending before I was a sinner.