Today's Fall Guys update trimmed the timer in Royal Fumble and Team Tail Tag


Among other much-needed changes

Win or lose, the tail-grabbing games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout drag on for way too long.

It’s gotten to the point where I mindlessly goof around in Team Tail Tag and outright sit still – hands off the controller in Royal Fumble until the last 40 seconds or so that actually matter. The rest is fluff!

It seems I’m far from the only one who thinks the timers could use a trim. In a Fall Guys update released today “based directly on [community] feedback,” Mediatonic shaved a clean 30 seconds off the clock. Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble will now run for a minute and a half. The other changes are great, too.

Team games – one of the most divisive parts of Fall Guys – will no longer be selected back-to-back. The player count for Fall Mountain (the finale where you run up a hill, dodge rolling balls, and leap to grab a floating crown) is now capped at 15 players. And Valve-inspired costumes are in the PS4 shop.

I don’t want to cover this silly game to death, but also, this update rules.

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