Tom Holland wants A24 to make a Jak & Daxter movie


He just can’t get enough of Sony

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: video games are going to take over TV and film in wake of the superhero phenomenon. We already have huge new titles on the way, the most prominent among them being the Uncharted movie that hits theaters on February 18, which means its star Tom Holland has been making the press rounds and answering video game-related questions. When GameSpot asked what his dream adaptation would be, he stated that he would want to make a live-action Jak & Daxter movie, and would play Jak, obviously. He also said he would want to make it in conjunction with A24, so “it was really weird, and like, dark.”

Hey, @A24 and @Naughty_Dog. Tom Holland has a great video game adaptation pitch for you guys.

— GameSpot (@GameSpot) February 4, 2022

Between Spider-Man and Uncharted, Tom seems to have a pretty good rapport with Sony, so his dream project being another Naughty Dog property is not a surprise in the slightest. Naughty Dog’s other huge property, The Last of Us, is currently being adapted as an HBO series, so having another series make it to the big screen would be par for the course at this point. I have no idea what a dark live-action version of Jak & Daxter would look like, but I’d probably watch it just to find out.

I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds pretty sweet to me. Jak & Daxter is a really nostalgic game for me, because I’d always play it with my Dad. Those games are actually a lot darker than they’d seem, especially the sequels, so I don’t think Tom’s idea is that outlandish. Now the question is, if Tom would be Jak, who would they cast as Daxter?

My money is on someone like Jack Black, although I also think Ben Schwartz would crush it. What do you think?