Tommy Refenes REACTS to kids REACTING to Super Meat Boy


All caps because that stings more

Tommy Refenes, half the development team of Super Meat Boy, made a reaction video over the weekend. That’s a rebellious thing to do because popular YouTubers The Fine Brothers are currently in the process of trying to trademark the word “react.” Soon enough, reacting to things on the Internet will be for the lawbreakers and the do-no-gooders.

Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s definitely an Internet Hot Topic right now — enough so that mocking the Fine Bros. is widely accepted. Tommy does just that by reacting to kids reacting to playing Super Meat Boy, again, a game that he made. The mocking is restrained though, as Tommy just kind of becomes enchanted by children trying to figure out his game.

Watching this video, I had a few reactions. Tommy has a sweet Capybara Games t-shirt. It’s cute! Also, we have the same keyboard for our TVs, a functional little thing with a touchpad built in. It’s great for loading streams from afar and for not misplacing a mouse, but I don’t like it much beyond that. Tommy can feel free to take to the comments if he wants to react to me reacting to our keyboards.