Hyperdimension Neptunia shmup TOP NEP will jet off in 2022


Welcome to the Nep Zone… Get Ready!

It’s a typically silly bit of news, publisher Idea Factory has announced a new, into-the-screen shmup starring the incomparable Nep-Nep of Hyperdimension Neptunia fame. Titled Dimension Neptune Tripper: TOP NEP, the rail blaster is headed to PC in 2022.

The new title, produced by anime studio Frontier Works, will see Nep don her Super Serious Neptune form in order to battle through five distinct areas of Gameindustri, laying waste to waves of enemies and end-of-stage guardians. As always, Nep will not be traveling alone on her fraught flights, and will be able to gather power-ups in order to land a major assist from a roster of familiar and friendly faces.

While Idea Factory did not release a gameplay trailer, early screenshots allow for undeniable comparisons to Sega’s 1985 arcade classic Space Harrier — albeit with far more giant aubergines. The old-school visuals admittedly look a tad garish on the old eyeballs, but perhaps will be a little smoother in motion. Additionally, the boss characters appear to have neat designs. Hopefully, Dimension Neptune Tripper will offer a fun and lightweight distraction from far more serious affairs when Nep-Nep and pals take to the skies next year.

Who has a need for Hyperdimension speed?! ?

We're excited to announce that the rail shooter, Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP will take off on Steam® in early 2022!

Store page coming soon!#neptunia pic.twitter.com/vtVgBmdEg0

— Idea Factory International (@IdeaFactoryIntl) October 15, 2021