Toppo is the next Dragon Ball Z legend headed to Xenoverse 2


Toppo Trumps

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 isn’t done adding new content and characters just yet. Publisher Bandai Nacmo has announced, (via Japanese magazine V-Jump), that the next DBZ star headed to the action-RPG’s roster is the leader of the Pride Troopers himself, Toppo!

Driven by a desire for justice and sworn to his duties as a guardian of peace, Toppo, (or just “Top” for English dub fans), is one of the ultimate allies for the forces of good – loyal, respectful, and unyielding. There are no images of The Warrior of Justice in-game just yet, but more information is expected in the very new future.

Toppo will not be coming along, as the same update will also see the arrival of the previously revealed Pikkon – all-powerful warrior from the Other World – who will be ready to wreck heads with his devastating martial arts abilities and range of Ki Blast attacks. Alongside Toppo and Pikkon, the new content drop will include character skins, Expert Missions, and Hero Colosseum figures. Update 12 is expected to launch this spring.

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