Torchlight II is free to own on the Epic Games Store


Lighthearted dungeon looting with friends sure sounds cozy

Almost eight years after release, Torchlight II doesn’t feel quite as fresh, but the action-RPG hasn’t lost its comfy, easy-to-slip-into edge. It still holds up in 2020. It’s still worth playing even though there’s a Torchlight III now. It’s one of those games that deserves a spot in everyone’s PC gaming library.

If you’ve avoided Torchlight II this whole time, more than anything, I’m impressed – and you can get it for free, so props to you. The game is free to claim and keep on the Epic Games Store until July 23, 2020. The biggest hurdle? Figuring out which pet to keep. I’m an alpaca guy. Always have been.

It’s just the one freebie this week, but next week, from July 23 to July 30, the Epic Games Store will have Next Up Hero (a more recent dungeon-crawler) and Tacoma (Fullbright’s latest) for free.

I can’t believe I haven’t played Tacoma yet. What’ll it take to convince you, brain?