Tossed around exclusive Rime has been rated for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and…Switch?


This game’s journey is fascinating

I’m sure you remember Rime. It was revealed several years ago, and its big claim to fame is that it looked like Ico, and was compared to Wind Waker by the developers. Well, it’s had a really interesting lifecycle.

Initially, it was offered as an exclusive to Microsoft, but was eventually rejected. Then Sony took it under its wing, and although the details clearly are under NDA (besides the fact that they wanted the IP back), developer Tequila Works seemed to have a bad experience, and re-acquired the rights to Rime back in March 2016. Now, they’re aiming to release it on basically everything, and have officially secured a publisher for a 2017 release.

Here’s the catch — it’s been rated in Brazil and Australia for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and…Switch. Switch? Poor Wii U! Although Deadlightdoesn’t instill much confidence, I’m hopeful for Rime— at the very least it’s been a fun ride following its creation.

Rime [Australian Classification]