Total War: Three Kingdoms gets a lot bloodier next week


You’ll never make Lu Bu bleed, though

Total War: Three Kingdoms, Sega’s wonderful new strategy game based on ancient China, will be getting some gory DLC next week. Releasing on Thursday, June 27, 2019, the “Reign of Blood” effects pack will bring a bunch of blood and “mature-related” effects to the battlefield. This means things like buckets of blood and dismemberment, which should raise the age rating quite a bit.

You can grab the DLC for $2.99/£1.99/2.99 when it launches. Once downloaded, you’ll need to enable to effects from the “Advanced Graphics Settings” menu in-game. While I do think it’s a little dumb to be selling a completely cosmetic DLC, this does let us finally have our M-rated Dynasty Warriors game. It’s always been odd, to me, that slicing someone with a halberd resulted in them falling over instead of being eviscerated.