Total War: Warhammer II deals up to 18% off for release week


For those mulling a purchase

Tomorrow marks the release of Total War: Warhammmer II — the sequel to last year’s fantasy strategy title that was well-reviewed by most sites. The first installment of course didn’t launch without problems, but last we checked most of the major issues have been patched up.

So we’re hopeful that the second installment coming this Thursday and unlocking later tonight will be smooth running. That said, given Creative Assembly’s track record, we’re not holding our breath either. Fans of the Total War or Warhammer series will most likely play release week regardless. Thankfully, deals are available and the release week purchase incentives are decent as well.

Total War: Warhammer II Deals

As of writing prices are similar at most digital retailers, hovering around $48.99 to about $51 depending on where you shop. All authorized retailers listed above includes the pre-order and release week bonus of an additional DLC race pack, granting you access to the Norsca Race.

If it’s anything like the previous installment, the value of the DLC pack would be pegged around $8, but Creative Assembly also recently made a note that they are putting concrete effort into making sure they have a good balance between early adopter bonuses and post-launch support and we think thus far extending the pre-order bonus to one week within release is a good step. As of writing it looks like the Norsca Race Pack being offered is a lot more valuable than the previous Chaos Warriors race pack.

The game will unlock past midnight at 1:30 AM Pacific and pre-loading has been available since earlier in the week. All retailers above have been confirmed to send out keys for Total War: Warhammer IIimmediately after purchase. If you spot better deals elsewhere legitimately, let us know and we’ll add them to the list above.

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