Toukiden 2 is looking good in its first gameplay trailer


Out this summer in Japan

Toukiden‘s follow-up was announced last year at the Tokyo Game Show and since we’ve seen nothing but screenshots. Nice screenshots, mind. But writing about new screenshots is so 2008 or, perhaps, 2000-and-late. The point is that it’s 2016 which means we best be writing about video.

And it looks pretty good! I still prefer the game’s 2D art to anything else about it, but when you’re making a 3D monster hunter, that can only be an aesthetic flourish. Are there 2D takes on Monster Hunter yet like there are with Souls games?

Toukiden 2 is getting a PS4 demo on the Japanese side on April 11 ahead of its release on PS4, PS3, and Vita on June 30. Western release plans have yet to be announced.

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