Toukiden 2 settles on a spring 2017 release in the West


Platforms to be announced

Oni hunter Toukiden 2 will come to North America and Europe in spring 2017. This is good!

Curiously, though, Koei Tecmo isn’t specifying which platforms it’s targeting for the Western release. This is less good! Realistically, PlayStation 4 has to be a sure bet here. The Japanese release of Toukiden 2 also saw PS3 and PS Vita versions, but you know how these situations can go for the Vita (not well).

You might have seen this Studio 4°C lead-in anime short before. If not, here ya go.

The game’s story picks up after 2014’s Toukiden: Kiwami and tracks a Slayer who needs to take out a whole mess of oni in an open-world setting that borrows from different eras of Japanese history (see the photo gallery below). Whatever gets us slicing and dicing, right? That’s what I’m here for!