TowerFall Ascension is free on PC today, Superhot is free tomorrow



There’s plenty of overlap in the Venn diagram between People Who Didn’t Spend Money on Ouya and People Who Don’t Spend Money on the Epic Games Store, and there’s a 24-hour benefit for anyone who fits both categories.

Epic is doing a 12 days of free games event, and the second gratis game is Matt Thorson’s TowerFall Ascension. This superb archery arena game was one of the Ouya’s few success stories, prompting Thorson to port it to other platforms with singleplayer and cooperative modes under the Ascension designation. Thorson also created Celeste, which was one of the very best games of 2018.

Just click this link to claim your free copy of TowerFall Ascension. You have until tomorrow to nab it.

Epic is off to a blazing start with this promotion. Yesterday was Into the Breach(another of 2018’s best) and, thanks to some internet sleuthing, it seems as if Superhotwill be the freebie tomorrow. You know what’s superhot? Free stuff. Super. Hot. Super. Hot.

12 Days of Free Games [Epic Games Store]