Toys"R"Us might be your best bet for an SNES Classic on launch day


It’s doing in-store sales only, one per customer

Godspeed to all of you out there trying to track down an SNES Classic. It’s been a messy, frustrating experience — and expectations were already low following the similar rollout of the NES Classic.

Toys”R”Us might not be on your radar as an option, but it probably should be if you aren’t able to order a unit before launch. The retailer has confirmed several pertinent details about its plans on Twitter:

  • The SNES Classic will be available in stores only on September 29. There won’t be pre-orders, and that also goes for Toys”R”Us locations in Canada.
  • “It will be one per customer on release day.”
  • Responding to a question about which stores will get units, the retailer responded, “Yes, likely at all Toys”R”Us stores. But we will have more information as the release date arrives, so stay tuned!”

In the wise words of Jonathan Holmes, “That’s going to be the place to camp out on 9.29.”