Trailer for 3DS shmup asks 'is life meant to be shitty?'


‘Was I right to do this?’

Karous is a vertical shmup about two hugging sisters that was released by Korea-based developer Milestone Inc. back in 2006. It was later ported to the Dreamcast, and then again to the Wii as part of the Ultimate Shooting Collection. Strangely enough, Karous has recently decided to make its way to the 3DS as well, in the form of Karous:The Beast of Re:Eden. For a moderately good nine-year-old shmup, Karous sure knows how to keep the party going.

This 3DS title was handled by a new developer, Sakura Flamingo Laboratory. Those are three words that many of you may not have expected to see next to each other today. The game’s trailer is equally surprising. If you pause it right before the 00:15 mark, you’ll see a question that most videogames wouldn’t dare ask, but one that almost all of us have pondered at some point in our lives.

I’m half tempted to buy it just to see if it offers up an answer.