Trainer PSA: The dangers of Pokemon mother negligence


No, that Gardevoir on ‘those’ sites isn’t the kind of mother I’m talking about

The life cycle of aPokémonremains an enigma to Day Care owners everywhere. Where do Pokémon eggs come from? Why do they only appear whenever a male and a female Pokémon (or a Ditto) are left alone together for a very long time? Professors remain baffled by this illogical conundrum. But due to vague parallels to human mating rituals, we’ve come to refer to the female Pokémon left in the Day Care as a mother, and the act itself as breeding.

They’ve proven themselves worthy of this title, as these “Pokémothers” tend to care for these eggs with the same passion as any human mother should. A Kangaskhan devotes her entire self to allow her child to grow up strong with many skills besides battling. Cubones keep mementos from their mothers close to their hearts, and brains, at all times. Baby Pokémon are doted on with luxurious incenses.

Indeed, a Trainer caring for both a Pokémon and its mother is proven tostrengthen tiesamong Pokémon and even the Trainer’s own family. At least, most Pokémon have such healthy relationships with their mothers. But Trainer society continues to perpetuate a dangerous lifestyle, tearing away countless Pokémon mothers from their children. We need to put an end to competitive breeding.

Competitive Pokémon battling has always been a favorite sport of spectators, Trainers, and Pokémon alike. Consensual contests of strength and explosions have been a cornerstone of the Pokémon ecosystem for millennia. This competitive spirit strengthens bonds in our communities, and we continue to endorse that healthy growth. However, as professional battling becomes more and more prominent, it has been accompanied with the growth of a toxic niche of Trainers who see their Pokémon less as partners and more as a means to an end.

The decision to raise a Pokémon to become an ideal combatant is not unusual, and one that has enhanced the lives of many Pokémon and their relationships with their Trainers. But an alarming number of Trainers have taken this goal to unhealthy extremes by preparing their Pokémon for competitions even before birth. That is, to breed a “perfect” competitor, no matter what they do to their families in the process.

“You can be a breeding slave”Image Credit: Brendan Blaber,Dane Georges

Hardcore competitive Trainers make up 99% of all Day Care profits across the world. But due to the unpredictable nature of Pokémon genetics, fewer than 1% of all hatched Pokémon are classified as “perfect” for battle. This means that a staggering majority of baby Pokémon are abandoned on birth by their Trainers.

Some Trainers keep a fraction of these newborn Pokémon in their PCs or Bank, much like their dozens of Pokédex research specimens. This scenario, while difficult for a domesticated Pokémon mother to adapt to, still allows the mother to reach and care for their young and as such does little to no long-term harm.

But many mothers are not so lucky, and instead see their children torn away from them by trading services. Wonder Trade in particular destroys countless families, treating Pokémon like simple currencies to be exchanged at random. Even worse, children discarded through this system are often sent down a daisy chain of constant trades, making it nigh impossible to trace them back to their original mothers.

These mothers are destined to be forever separated from their beloved young, and are more prone to developing severe illnesses such as Sleep and Paralysis. Pokémon Professors also cite that mothers who spend prolonged periods of their life in Day Care show more strenuous relationships with their breeding partner and whichever child their Trainer finally deems acceptable for raising.

This is not the relationship that a mother deserves with her children, nor with her Trainer and partner. Much like how a father Pokémon shows their child how to spew explosive energy blasts from their mouth, a mother imparts equally practical life lessons. Most mother Pokémon teach their children how to hunt for food, or how to live in harmony with humans. A great mother teaches their children affection, empathy, passion, and freedom. Mothers are responsible for making the future generation more lively than it would be otherwise. It’s an insult to a mother to decide that a baby Pokémon’s relationship with her is dependenton its Individual Values.

Modern Hyper Training programs allow any Pokémon to max out their IVs regardless of their genetics. Thanks to bottle cap technology, mothers no longer need to suffer to ensure their children’s futures in professional battle circuits. If you or a Trainer you know would like to know more about this wonderful new service, please consult your local Mr. Hyper.

We hope this PSA helps you, your Pokémon, and your mother rolling in Charmander Dolls to enjoy this Mother’s Day.

[Disclosure: This Pokémon service announcement was paid for by the Pokémon League.]

[Okay, but seriously, you all better show your mothers how much they mean this Mother’s Day! My mother and I have always been out of sync in regards to hobbies and interests, particularly video games, but she’s taught me a lot about being passionate about what you do in life. Everyone deserves a mother who does that.]