Trek to Yomi is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2022


Samurai Slow Down

The flash of steel. The fountain of claret. The winds of death. These and many other tropes of classic samurai cinema appear with wanton abundance in Trek to Yomi, the violent and stoic adventure title currently in the works at developer Flying Wild Hog. A new gameplay trailer, released by publisher Devolver Digital, gives us a look at the title in action.

Trek to Yomi features a tale as old as time itself. A young and loyal apprentice, having witnessed the death of his faithful Sensei, has, in turn, mastered the art of the samurai. With steel in hand and vengeance in heart, our protagonist now begins a long and hazardous journey to the titular town of Yomi, fated to square off against his master’s assassin in a brutal, bloodstained battle to the death. Will our hero find his own justice, or should he perhaps dig two graves?

Capturing a cinematic style reminiscent of the many samurai epics out of Studio Toei, Trek to Yomi promises an evocative, mythic, and even supernatural adventure, as young Hiroki picks his way through a squad of assailants from this life and the next. The fascinating-looking adventure will blend somber melodrama with sudden explosions of exquisite violence, all built upon very deliberate, precise, and razor-sharp combat. This is currently looking right up my particular alley, one step away from the Lady Snowblood/Baby Cart games that I’m probably never, ever going to get.

Trek to Yomi is scheduled to launch in 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.