Triangle Strategy hits 800k copies sold in two weeks


The tactics are panning out

Triangle Strategy seems like it’s doing pretty well in sales so far. The tactical RPG has hit 800,000 copies sold globally in its first two weeks, with over 200,000 in Japan and Asia.

The sales numbers were shared on the Triangle Strategy Twitter account alongside a message and thanks from producer Tomoya Asano. Designer Naoki Ikushima also made a special illustration for the milestone.

発売から2週間が経ちました。日本+アジア地域で20万以上、全世界ではもうすぐ80万という状況です(出荷+DL)ありがとうございますm_ _m



— トライアングルストラテジー公式 (@TRST_PR) March 18, 2022

Octopath Traveler, another Asano title, also had a pretty solid debut according to NPD numbers, and hit 1 million units in roughly three weeks. Both were Switch-exclusive debuts, though Octopath has since been released on PC as well.

It’s heartening to see, as Triangle Strategy is a great tactics game overall. Though the story and dialogue can go on a little long, the latest in HD-2D had some excellent tactical battles.

This could easily be a tack-on effect of Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ success. The most recent entry in Fire Emblem had the best U.S. launch in the history of the series, and it definitely could have kindled a fire for more tactics in general. Triangle Strategy, it seems, is here to answer that call.

Looking ahead, 2022 has a ton in store for tactics games. Marvel’s Midnight Suns and the Front Mission remake are still on the way. Even Square Enix has the recently announced The DioField Chronicle still in store for the year ahead.

Seems like a good time to be a tactics fan. If you want to read more about the creation of Triangle Strategy, you can head over here to read our recent interview with the tactical RPG’s producers, including Asano.