Triangle Strategy gets a new demo today, and you can carry over progress


Plan your moves out in advance

The release of Triangle Strategy is right around the corner, but you can test the waters a bit early starting today. A new demo for Triangle Strategy is out today on the Nintendo Switch, with progress carrying over into the main game.

The Prologue Demo, available now, will let you transfer your save data to the full game once purchased. It’s a similar structure to Octopath Traveler and other demos in the past, and hey, it’s still pretty neat. The demo covers the first three chapters of Triangle Strategy too, so it seems like a pretty good chunk to try out.

Though the last Triangle Strategy demo covered only a small slice of the game, it also resulted in a lot of feedback that Square Enix worked on afterwards. Today’s Prologue demo should be a good chance to see if the changes made address all the concerns, and how the whole strategy will come together ahead of launch.

Triangle Strategy is Square Enix’s take on the tactics genre, with a look and feel akin to how Octopath Traveler tackled classic RPGs. Team Asano looks to be applying much of the same here, applying a pretty good looking HD-2D look and branching choices to the framework of classic strategy RPGs.

This was my personal choice for most anticipated game of this year, so yes, I’m very eager to finish writing this news post up so I can go play the demo myself. And with a few weeks left until Triangle Strategy launches on March 4, we’ve at least got some time to mess around with the systems and battles before the full game’s here.