Tribute Games is making a grappling hook game


I would like to know more

It’s been a matter of weeks since Ninja Senki DX dropped and Tribute Games is already back with a teaser for its next project, Flinthook. It’s unclear what type of game this is, exactly, but it has a grappling hook (always an attention-grabber) and what looks to be a pirate ship in space.

Given my fondness of the studio’s recent output, I’m eager to see more.

The game was painstakingly unveiled piece by piece this week during a day-long Twitch stream. Even if you don’t care to go through that experience, it’s worth visiting the archive and skipping to the end to hear the sweet little jam on repeat. Through the magic of Chat Replay, I’m pretty sure I saw Capybara’s Nathan Vella react to the reveal with a fitting “dope dope dope.”

Flinthook [Tribute Games]