Trine: Ultimate Collection is an easy way to get caught up on the series


Bundle of joy

Announced last month, Trine: Ultimate Collection will be compiling all four Trine titles together in one easy package. Coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One (both physically and digitally), you’ll be able to play through each entry in the Trine series so you don’t miss out on any of the story. Buyers of the physical collection will receive a bunch of goodies alongside the games, including a digital artbook and soundtrack.

Publisher Modus Games shared a trailer that goes over the stuff you’ll get. There’s a tease of bonus in-game content for anyone that pre-orders the Ultimate Collection, which could amount to anything. It’ll likely be some bonus skins or possibly a small physical goodie.

If you’re wondering about the Switch, a bundle with Trine 1-3 will be available on the platform. Trine 4 will be a separate purchase for anyone playing on Nintendo’s console. No release date has been given for any of this as Trine 4 is still in development. A fall 2019 release window was mentioned in the Trine 4 reveal, so expect the title towards the end of the year.