Triumph brings their Age of Wonders series into the future with Planetfall


In spaaaaaaaace…

God morgon! While you were sleeping, PDXcon kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden with publisher Paradox’s keynote address. The lead-up to this event has been rife with speculation about which games would be unveiled at the ominous “announcement show.” The event kicked off with Triumph Studios taking the stage.

Triumph Studios recently came under the Paradox Interactive umbrella and it isn’t surprising to see that their first game under their new publisher is a new entry in their beloved series Age of Wonders. Only this time they move out of the fantasy realm and into the, slightly crowded, science-fiction genre.

Taking place on a mysterious planet that once contained a great civilization, players will lead a faction of survivors against other survivors in a variety of ways. Will you be diplomatic? Isolationist? Imperialist? The choice is yours as turn-based, 4X gameplay returns in Planetfall with an added emphasis on world destruction, thanks to the new age weaponry utilised in battle.

More interesting to me, is the claim that the story will be told procedurally through the campaign, which will allow for multiple replays. Triumph has been hard at work on Planetfall for the past three years and is expected to ship the game to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2019.