Trove, a Minecraft-like MMO, is out today from Trion Worlds


I think kids will dig this

I know it’s tough to see “MMO” and “Minecraftclone” and not roll your eyes, but bear with me here. Trion World’s free-to-playTroveis out today, and I gave it a spin this morning to see what it could do — personally, I think kids would really enjoy it. It’s very limited, and as you can see in my first few minutes with the game above they attempt to push the store on you — but it’s fun enough for a free game that took less than five minutes to install.

It has all the typical trappings of an MMO, but with the added benefit of using blocks to build access to new locations and your own house. If you’re interested in playing, Trion Worlds sent over the following code, which can be redeemed by 50 different playersat this location: GLMY-T32D-YHDJ-FDYL-6WZE.

Again, this isn’t something I’m going to want to play beyond the requirements of this assignment, but it’s more fun than a few of the other kid-oriented MMOs I’ve taken a look at.