Try out Fantasy Strike for free this weekend!


A different type of fighting game

Accessibility has been a bit of a buzzword within the Fighting Game Community for a while now. Many believe that current fighting games are very complex and unwelcome to new players while simplifying them makes them lose that element that makes them great.

There have been some attempts to really simplify fighting games, such as Divekick, but that was perhaps taking things a bit too far. Well now, David Sirlin, a wellknown member of the FGC, thinks he is onto something by trying to make a new fighting game which is simple yet deep enough to keep you coming for more. That is Fantasy Strike, a fighting game that does away with many staples of fighting games like low blocks and special move inputs and gives players a simple control system of just four buttons!

Currently, they are trying to crowdfund the game and are giving gamers a chance to play on PC for free this weekend! If you’re curious, why not try it out and if you really like it, pledge to try and get the full game made.

Play Fantasy Strike (Pre-Alpha) Free Weekend August 11-14th on PC and Mac [Fantasy Strike]