Turns out League of Legends' Gangplank isn't actually dead


Surprising absolutely zero LoL fans

If you’re a League of Legends player who enjoys playing Gangplank, you likely noticed very quickly when the character was completely removed from the game last week. During Bilgewater: Burning Tides, a huge story event for League of Legends, Gangplank was murdered by his rival and rendered unplayable for everyone. Yep, even those out there who spent money on him.

Taking a playable character away from people who spent money on them seemed a very odd choice for the developers to make. They also refused to give people refunds for Gangplank-related spending and told them to wait a few days before asking for a refund again.

Unsurprisingly, these signs pointing to the character maybe not being permanently dead were today proven true.

In an epilogue released to the story event, it was revealed that Gangplank is still alive, but one of his arms is a little worse for wear and has now been replaced. Players who prefer his original design can still get it as a free skin according to a statement made by Riot.

Since this is the first time we’ve done something so dramatic with story and theme, we’re commemorating the event with the Captain Gangplank skin depicting the dread pirate from before the events of Bilgewater: Burning Tides. All players who own and play (or have already played) an entire matchmade game as Gangplank during the event will receive the Captain Gangplank skin for free.

Captain Gangplank reflects a simpler time, when one uncrowned reaver king ruled over Bilgewater with an iron cutlass and a fearsome love of scrimshaw. While base Gangplank has been irrevocably changed by Miss Fortune’s masterful scheme, the Captain Gangplank skin hearkens back to before the pirate’s bloody fall.

So, are you a Gangplank fan? I’m certainly not complaining about seeing him back in League of Legends.

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