Turtle Power: Oro comes out of hiding for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


Rage in the Age

It has been a long time, a real long time, since we last saw mysterious warrior Oro step up to the plate. Being a hermit, I guess that’s kind of his deal. But the Street Fighter III veteran is almost ready to take a break from his life of solitude to take a break on a few clavicles.

During yesterday’s Street Fighter V Spring Update live stream, we finally got our first look at Capcom’s resident 140-year-old in his all-new Champion Edition form. Having mastered the secrets of immortality, the old boy is looking pretty spritely – still rocking his ramshackle robe and ball-bag skin structure. Oro has also brought a little turtle along for the ride. Not content with just whooping your ass, he’s gonna carry a little amphibian while he does it.

Oro retains much of his moveset from Street Fighter III, including his Nichirin Shou projectile, Oni Yanma uppercut, and amusing one-armed Niou Riki throw, wherein Oro slam his opponent to the ground multiple times with ease. His crafty double-jump also returns, offering Oro unparalleled air maneuverability over his foes.

Joining this arsenal are V-Trigger I, Onibi, which is a slow-moving, projectile-eating orb that offers Oro strong spatial defense while also applying confusing pressure on his opponent. V-Trigger II will see the return of Tengu Stone from SF III, as Oro surrounds himself with random debris and items that can be linked into his combos for extra damage.

No specific release date was given for Oro, but he is expected to arrive at some point this summer. The third season five contender, Oro’s release will follow Dan Hibiki and Rose, but will predate the release of Akira Kazama and season five’s mystery final character. It’s great to see one of Street Fighter‘s weirdest and quirkiest characters return the ring, and with his unusual moveset, air mobility and new V-Triggers, Oro is sure to give these young whippersnappers a headache or three.