Twisted Metal TV show coming from the folks behind Cobra Kai and Deadpool


Don’t cut yourself on all that edgy

Buckle up for safely, because it appears that Sweet Tooth and his maniacal pals are revving their engines once again. But this time, David Jaffe’s violent world of Twisted Metal has been given the green-light in a whole other fashion, joining the growing line of video game IPs getting a TV adaptation.

As reported by Variety, the Twisted Metal TV series will be an “action comedy” set in a post-apocalyptic universe, where a down-and-out loser is offered a better life provided they can transport a mysterious package across the wastelands – teeming with bands of marauders and other eccentric characters. All very Mad Max. While the cast list is still on the ground, the woefully edgy serial killer clown Sweet Tooth is confirmed to be putting in an appearance, driving his horrifying ice cream truck through what remains of humanity.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television and “PlayStation Productions” – which is a thing – Twisted Metal will be written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the duo who penned horror comedy Zombieland and the violent comic-book actioner Deadpool. Sounds like a good fit. Michael Jonathan Smith, producer of Karate Kid spin-off series Cobra Kai, is on board as executive producer.

Originally launched in 1995, the Twisted Metal series follows a group of outcasts as they battle to the death in vehicular bloodsport, the prize being the winner’s greatest wish, granted by doomsday executive Calypso. While some series entries – such as 1996’s Twisted Metal: World Tour and 2001’s Twisted Metal: Black are particularly notable, the series has had more than its fair share of duds, such as 1999’s awful Twisted Metal 4. With the series in hiatus, the new show could see the way paved for a fresh sequel. I certainly hope so.