Twitch is streaming the Comey Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with its 'Twitch News' channel


Video games!

If you’ve been watching…basically anything (every late night program, every news channel, every comedy or drama searching for low hanging fruit) in the past month, you’re probably aware of the current situation between the current president and James Comey, former director of the FBI. Gaming streaming service Twitch is getting in on it too, bringing political news full circle.

If you want, you can watch the Comey hearing live on Twitch as part of their “Twitch News” channel. This isn’t a new thing for Twitch as they broadcasted conventions for both major parties last year, and if this succeeds, we could see more of it (it’s currently at 17K concurrent viewers and rising,which puts it at the 10th viewed stream this morning — just above World of Warcraft). Twitch has also experimented with airing episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Bob Ross’The Joy of Painting, as well as opening up the NVGR floodgates for its “IRL” and “Talk Shows” channels.

The service is employing its AutoMod feature to “protect” its users, but people are bypassing the hell of it in chat — I wouldn’t recommend going in there if you want to enjoy the rest of your day.

Watch the Comey hearings on Twitch [Twitch]

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