Twitch Prime's free February offerings are spearheaded by six months of exotic Destiny 2 DLC drops


‘Each drop will contain four rewards’

Twitch is at it again with free stuff for subscribers, and they just confirmed their February offerings. Let’s dive in!

The big get for Twitch is easily the new Destiny 2partnership, which will herald in six months of exotic gear drops for the game. Twitch says that it’ll include four rewards (exotic weapons, ghosts, ships, sparrows, emotes or weapon ornaments from previous seasons), but you can also claim the SUROS Regime exotic auto rifle (getting Destiny 1flashbacks here) and its ornament, as well as the exotic ship unsecured/OUTCRY and the Skyline Flipside exotic Ghost Shell. Twitch clarifies that it’ll work for all platforms, including Stadia.

So that’s the headliner. The rest of the DLC additions include PUBG(a pilot crate with six skins and a parachute skin), Teamfight Tactics(random little legend and an emote), League of Legends(a skin shard), Apex Legends(a Caustic skin for that one person that plays Caustic), Madden 20 (ultimate team playoffs pack), Mobile Legends (hero and skin tribal cards), Black Desert Mobile(20 good black stones, an appearance coupon and a boss stamp), Raid: Shadow Legends(Valla the champion, epic skin tones, potions shards and chickens) and Fortress M(300x missile dot shards and a bunch of gems).

Here’s the full free game list this month, it’s not filled with bangers: American Fugitive, Desert Child, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, Steredenn and White Night.

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