Twitch to sponsor, promote the best game, Chess


The king stay the king, the streaming and social platform popular among video game fans, inked a multi-year deal with The partnership is part of a push to promote both chess streams and major events.

It might sound a bit silly at first, but chess is probably the only good, pure game. It’s fascinating to watch and playing chess falls somewhere between PUBG‘s final circle and asking an attractive human out on the “very stressful things” scale.

According to a statement by, “[] will officially partner with as a sponsor for its entire lineup of chess events and to help grow the global brand of chess as an online spectator sport.”

The partnership includes plans to market chess better to attract new viewers, players, and future sponsors. Additionally, content creators on will get a “better ecosystem” and “access to monetization opportunities.”

I, for one, am down with the chess takeover. I fell in love with the game in high school after an algebra teacher made learning chess a mandatory part of his class. Granted, I still suck at it, but the idea of watching a few streams is appealing on a logic-expanding level.

Twitch, Partner to Promote Chess Streaming []