Twitch users will attempt to install Linux together


‘A cooperative text-based horror game’

Twitch stumbled its way through the Pokémon series. Slowly but surely, it conquered Dark Souls. But can strangers work together over the internet to install Linux? With enough time, probably!

The stream starts tomorrow at 1:00pm Pacific. Every ten seconds, the most popular keystroke will be pulled from the channel’s chat room and entered into an Arch Linux virtual machine.

Eventually, long after most of us have lost interest, the nonsense will give rise to progress. After reaching certain milestones — the first successful boot; writing a “Hello World!” script in Python — the stream organizer will raffle off prizes. First they install Linux, then they take over the world.

If I can tear myself away from Twitch’s four-hundred-episode marathon of The Joy of Painting, I’ll have to peek in on this mad experiment.

Twitch Installs Arch Linux [Twitch Installs]