Two new 3DS StreetPass games will have you fishing and fighting zombies


‘Ultimate Angler’ and ‘Battleground Z’

On April 16, the 3DS eShop is about to get a whole lot busier. Two new StreetPass games will debut, both of which feature completely different themes. First up is Ultimate Angler, which sees players fishing and visiting different islands. There is some strategy involved as specific baits will work with different fish — there’s 150 fish in all including legendary creatures.

The other title is Battleground Z, which tasks players with fighting zombies. It’ll feature 26 weapon types. You’ll also be able to opt into a “Premium” version of the StreetPass plaza, which allows for birthday interaction, a VIP section, and a few other extras like a calendar. This last bit seems geared towards hardcore StreetPassers.

I think I’ll buy the two games, but I’m hesitant to get the Premium upgrade. Feel free to weigh in here with your StreetPass habits.