Two new Super Mario Odyssey worlds revealed, one tropical paradise and one frozen hellscape


Gosh, this keeps looking better

Predictably, Nintendo used this afternoon’s Direct as another opportunity to push a little more Super Mario Odysseyon us. That’s perfectly fine! We’ll take every look we can get.

One of the bullet points in the Odysseypresentation (the whole thing’s embedded above), was the reveal of two new worlds. They are Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom and Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom. Here are screencaps of each even though watching the video will give you the best idea what they’re about (it starts at 1:50 in the video):

Initial impressions: Bubblaine is idyllic with it’s crystal blue waters and bright sunshine. A regular tropical paradise. Also, it’s pretty great watching Mario both rocket-ski on top of the water and swim through the sea as a fish.

Shiveria’s maybe more interesting because look how intense that seems for a Mariogame. Real hypothermia stuff here. I demand a penguin race.

Okay, I buried the lede. Sorry. Mario has nipples; here they are: