Two Point Hospital's Culture Shock DLC lets you unleash your inner Dr. Drake Ramoray


Watch out for elevator shafts

Two Point Studios’ management sim Two Point Hospital is preparing to swap surgery for spotlights with the reveal of its new Culture Shock DLC, which will arrive on PC October 20. A release date for consoles was not announced.

It appears that the new expansion will see the medical professionals of Two Point Hospital tasked with rebuilding the arts and culture attractions of the surrounding Two Point County. Our team will be tasked with helping to produce a hit TV medical drama and running a music festival, all while treating the county’s elite from a run of silly new afflictions, such as Stunt Trouble, Writer’s Block, and Concertoes.

Frankly, the press release doesn’t make it abundantly clear what exactly the new DLC expansion will entail, but the accompanying trailer gives off a vibe reminiscent of Lionhead’s mid-’00s release, The Movies. In addition to the new locations, Culture Shock will include 36 new illnesses, 34 new hospital items, three animated cure machines, a new DJ, and a “Fancy Dress” costume pack. Pre-order customers will also bag themselves a zombie outfit, perfect for traipsing the corridors on Halloween like its The Beyond.

In related news, Two Point Hospital players can celebrate the 60th anniversary of developer Sega with the addition of four fun items, including a classic Out Run cabinet and a Space Harrier cycloptic mammoth. The free quartet of items is available on Steam right now.