Two Tribes isn't dead yet, putting RIVE on the Switch


One last job?

Rivewas supposed to be Two Tribes’ last game, but they’re not done yet! Just like the crew in Ocean’s 13 they’re coming back for “one last job,” but don’t get too excited — it’s quite literally just a port job.

Yep, Two Tribes has announced that Riveis being ported to the Nintendo Switch, in its “ultra-fast and super-challenging 60 FPS glory.” Like pretty much every other indie developer out there the Wii U version was taken out back behind the barn and shot (ha, the official description on Nintendo’s site is even 404ed), and now we’re getting the Switch port instead.

While I totallyget why Two Tribes did this (they’re a super small operation after all, and effectively dissolved), you have to give it to indie outfits like Yacht Club Games, who continue to support the Wii U in earnest while pivoting to the Switch.