U Craft seeks to fill the Minecraft void on Wii U


Someone’s parents won’t know the difference

There might not be Minecraft for Wii U, but there is U Craft. Close enough?

This is in the works at Nexis Games, the studio behind some games I’m also not familiar with — do BrickBlast U! or The Dance of the Damned ring any bells? Probably not. At any rate, U Craft will be an eShop-only release this holiday season. It’ll use the GamePad for Off-TV play and inventory management / creation tools, which is what you’d expect.

Reminds me of the days before Minecraft came to Xbox 360. The system’s Indie Games channel was full of derivative sandbox titles and the better ones were able to dominate the sales charts because people were that hungry for a Minecraft-like experience on the console.

[Via Go Nintendo]