Ubisoft bringing six games and new competition to PAX


What are you looking forward to?

PAX Prime is just a mere four days away. Where has the time gone? As people flock to the Emerald City by the tens of thousands, companies are revealing their plans for the convention. Today, Ubisoft announced that it’s showcasing six games at the show — The Crew, Assassin’s Creed IV, Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, and Might & Magic Duel of Champions.

Of the six games, four will be playable. The Crewand Rayman Legendswill have hands-on demos on the show floor. The Mighty Quest for Epic Lootand Might & Magic Duel of Champions(which is already out) will be in the LAN area. Assassin’s Creed IVwill have a hands-off single-player demo, and Watch Dogswill highlight the features of the game’s companion app. Unfortunately, Tom Clancy’s The Divisionwon’t be at the show.

Ubisoft is also launching a new competitive gaming experience at PAX Prime that it has dubbed “Next Level”. Next Level is an eSports style competition that spans multiple games, genres and platforms. Ubisoft plans to hold it at industry events such as PAX, E3, and comic-cons, but there will also be online tournaments throughout the year. Those that are interested can register at the Ubisoft booth for their chance to participate and win prizes such as t-shirts, gift cards, or a trip to New York Comic-Con.