Ubisoft confirms E3 presser for Monday June 11


Exactly as we expected

Two of the few E3 press conference constants over the past several years are that Ubisoft goes Monday afternoon and Sony goes Monday evening. Sony hasn’t yet confirmed its plans, but we have assurance that Ubisoft will go on exactly as expected.

Ubisoft confirmed today that it will hold its E3 2018 presser on Monday June 11 at 1pm Pacfic at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. Just like last year. And the year before that.

Of course, the greater E3 questions are about the whatrather than the when. In 2017, Ubisoft had its best press conference in recent memory. Maybe ever, actually. How does it follow that up?

Well, we’re nearly guaranteed to learn a lot more about The Division 2. Of course,Assassin’s Creedwill probably play a prominent role. Oh yeah, there’s still a lot to reveal surrounding Beyond Good & Evil 2. And we haven’t really heard about Skull & Bonessince last June.

The point is that there’s stuff to show, and that’s without considering new reveals. As we were reminded last year, E3 bombshells have a way of elevating your press conference’s profile. Just two more months until we find out if Ubisoft can extend its one-year streak of throwing a surprisingly-good presser.