Ubisoft has plans for a theme park in the UAE


What an odd choice

Many people may have forgotten, but Ubisoft announced last year that it was looking to expand into the theme park game. Its plans included a “next-gen” theme park in Malaysia with a tentative opening of 2020. It looks like Ubisoft isn’t done staking a claim in Asia, as its next venture involves a partnership with Dubai’s IMG World Indoor Theme Park.

Ubisoft has explained that the reasoning for these theme parks is that it is looking to expand its catalog of franchises beyond gaming. I don’t know how a French company in love with America is going to gain any traction bringing its Westernized franchises to Asia, but I’m not its creative planner. Maybe there is something I’m just not seeing.

Much like the park in Malaysia, this new park will include characters from the Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and Rabbids franchises. It won’t be a separate park, but rather incorporated into IMG’s World of Legends park. There is going to be a total of nine zones, with the three aforementioned franchises making up different areas.

Along with the French company, it looks like IMG is also teaming up with Mattel and Viacom, so there will be areas based on SpongeBob SquarePants, Power Rangers, and Dragon Ball Z, to name a few. This sounds like a pop-culture tribute more than anything, but I guess it should be a blast. If there is a rideable Megazord, I’ll be there.

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