Ubisoft is coming down hard on The Division cheaters this week


‘Biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date’

Coming off of the “they need to rewrite the game on PC” debacle for The Division, Ubisoft is noting that it’s going to make cheaters pay this week.

If players opt to cheat twice, they’re permanently banned, with the first salvo serving as a warning. But Ubisoft has had it up to herewith them, and is handing out the “biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date” across all platforms. Now, the grace period of suspension has been increased from three days to 14, and the publisher is going to be more vigilant when it comes to cheat detection.

They’re also going to be more transparent on making bugs known, with more frequent forum updates. As long as they actually stick to that plan the game will likely be better off for it. Of course, fixing the actual foundation of the game so these things can’t happen would be great.

Improving the Player Experience [Ubisoft]