Ubisoft is testing the Nintendo Switch waters with Rayman, Just Dance, and Steep


No BG&E2

Ubisoft recently announced plans to port Rayman Legends,Steep, and Just Dance 2017to the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, this version of Rayman Legendswill be launching as the “Rayman Legends Definitive Edition,” and it will be different from the version of Rayman Legendsyou can buy right now for reasons that have not yet been explained to me.

Also, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play the “exclusive” song “How Deep is Your Love”by Calvin Harris via something called Just Dance Unlimited. The Internet tells me this is a paid service not dissimilar to Guitar Hero Live’s party pass, where players can pay a flat fee and gain access to all kinds of music. So Nintendo Switch owners have the privilege of paying for Just Dance Unlimited, and then they can dance to an exclusive song. In fairness, Switch players will have “three months of free access to Just Dance Unlimited,” but alsoI’m just now being told “How Deep is Your Love”will be a timed exclusive, and will be available on all platforms “later this year.”Great.

You can use Joy-Cons to dance along with the Just Dance mobile app, in case you were worried about that.