Ubisoft on The Crew's Wild Run expansion not coming to 360


‘Shifting its development force’

If you’re in the small subset of people who: 1) enjoy Ubisoft’s weird ass open world racing game The Crew, 2) play it only on the Xbox 360, and 3) are excited for the upcoming Wild Run expansion (November 17) , then I have bad news for you: Ubisoft isn’t bringing it over. Nor will the 360 version get the same “graphical overhaul.”

Speaking to Redbull, The Crew director Stephane Beley explained, “Unfortunately, neither the graphic overhaul nor The Crew Wild Run will be released on Xbox 360. Ubisoft is shifting its development force towards new-gen consoles in order to accompany market transition to these new platforms.”

He also noted, “the team will still continue to provide technical support to our current Xbox 360 gamers.”

I am excited for the day when big publishers stop releasing worse versions of their games on ten year old consoles if only for the fact that it makes my job slightly easier (less things to remember). How the hell is Metal Gear Solid V on PS3.

The Crew Wild Run rampages onto PS4 and Xbox One [Redbull]