Ubisoft Quartz NFT video receives overwhelmingly negative feedback


Digit Spinner

Ubisoft has seemingly delisted its recent YouTube video announcing the implementation of NFT technology within terrible shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The trailer spotlights the “Ubisoft Quartz” beta — the publisher’s first foray in blockchain gaming — which will kick off with limited-edition cosmetics (or “Digits”) being added for purchase and resale within Ghost Recon Breakpoint and, presumably, future Ubisoft titles.

This morning, however, the YouTube trailer is set as “unlisted” by its uploader, following what appears to be an overwhelming torrent of negative feedback. While the video-sharing platform recently removed the ability to view “dislikes” from its default player, The Gamer is reporting that (browser extension) “Return YouTube Dislike” reveals a “downvote” count of over 16,000 clicks, with upvotes ranging around the 850 mark. Public comments on the video remain open and are, for the most part, in keeping with this upvote/downvote trend.

Ubisoft is one of the first video game publishers to announce its commitment to a future of gaming that allies with NFT/blockchain mechanics. The Ubisoft Quartz project represents the mainstream premiere of a dedicated NFT marketplace implemented within blockbuster, AAA gaming. As to whether the initial response to this video will give Ubisoft, (or any of its contemporaries), pause for thought remains to be seen.