Ubisoft reportedly dealing with unusually high turnover


Employees are attributing pay, competitive opportunities, and frustration with company’s handling of its misconduct scandal

Though companies tend to have a fair bit of turnover, Ubisoft seems to be experiencing an unnaturally higher amount of it. A new report from Axios highlights just how many departures are happening at the publisher, and what it’s doing in response.

In what Ubisoft workers are reportedly calling “the great exodus” and “the cut artery,” above-average departures are happening at Ubisoft. Notable top-level talent has left, with at least five of the top 25 credited people from Far Cry 6 already gone. Axios’ report notes that Ubisoft’s Canadian studios in particular are seeing numbers drop.

In its interviews with current and former Ubisoft sources, Axios reports that a number of factors contribute the turnover. These range from low pay and abundance of other opportunities to frustration at the company’s creative direction, and internal unease over how Ubisoft has handled reports of its workplace issues that came to light last year.

According to data seen by Axios, Ubisoft’s attrition rate is 12%, which is lower than fellow publisher-in-hot-water Activision Blizzard but still ranking higher than the likes of Electronic Arts or Take-Two.

Ubisoft reportedly offered across-the-board pay raises for workers at its Canadian studios. Ubisoft head of people ops Anika Grant told Axios these pay bumps have improved retention, though Axios reports that developers at other studios are now wondering when they’re getting their own raises.

A Ubisoft spokesperson cited a recent companywide survey where the publisher scored a 74 on the “would recommend Ubisoft as a great place to work” question. But some of Axios’ sources still highlight internal frustrations. One developer describes an emphasis on “‘moving on’ and ‘looking forward’ while ignoring the complaints, concerns and cries of their employees.” You can find the full Axios report here.