Ubisoft shutters Casablanca studio


Best of luck to all those affected

Of all the video game studios, in all the towns, in all the world, Ubisoft will be shutting down its satellite office in Casablanca, Morocco on June 13, the company announced Thursday.

Ubisoft let the studio know of its plans last week, and claims to be providing outbound employees with transfer opportunities — or “assistance” for those who do not remain with the company.

The location has been open for 18 years, since April 1998, over which time it has contributed to the development of titles like Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, and Rayman Fiesta Run.

Speaking in a prepared statement, Ubisoft Mobile boss Jean-Michel Detoc said, despite the developer’s lengthy history, “Unfortunately, as the video game market evolved in the past few years, we didn’t find a sustainable formula for the studio within our broader network.”

That network now includes a total of 29 studios across 17 countries.

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