Ubisoft will launch a new 'AAA IP' in the next 10 months


E3 announcement incoming

First off, I know what you’re thinking: “an aaaaaaaah-ip? What the hell’s an aaaaaaaah-ip.” Well, “AAA” (not to be confused with AARP, AA, RPG, NWA, et al) is kinda like how there’s Major League Baseball (MLB), but those teams have “AAA” (pronounced “triple A”) and “AA” teams beneath them in the same organization, except for the fact that, in the world of video games, AAA is actually MLB and baseball’s AAA is more like the video game equivalent of, say, Activision’s Ninja Turtles game, maybe?

Now as for “IP,” not to be confused with Ip Man (which is not pronounced “I-P,” or even “ip,” but, rather, “Yip”), that just means “intellectual property,” a term for creative works people come up with, like a novel someone writes about a minor league baseball player. The terms exists because it’s 2016 and we haven’t made being a lawyer punishable by law yet.

Glad I could clear all that up for you.

So Ubisoft plans to make a big budget video game that doesn’t come from an existing series and it plans to do that before March 2017. Ubi’s financial report, as noted by VentureBeat, lists “5 big games” for “Fiscal Year 2017,” which means to be released before March 2017: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, For Honor, plus the mystery game.

To Ubisoft’s credit, while many of its games bleed into the same style and don’t feel quite new, the company is better than some of its ilk at getting new IP out (like The Division or The Crew). We should see it at E3 and unlike Watch Dogs and The Division, if Ubisoft gets you excited with this one, you know you can actually expect it soon — perhaps in the same February spot the company dropped Far Cry Primal and The Division in this year.