Ubisoft's Comic-Con plans include you jumping off a tall structure


If you want, of course

For the second straight year, Ubisoft’s giving people an opportunity to showcase their assassin prowess. Equipped with a Ninja Warrior-like course, the French publisher is promoting Assassin’s Creed Syndicatewith a series of thematically-inspired obstacles for San Diego Comic-Con goers.

While the majority of the course is designed to test your agility, the most recognizable of the stunts will test your steeled nerves. The highlight of the whole affair is a 25-foot Big Ben structure that anyone can perform an Assassin’s Creedsignature Leap of Faith off of. It’s surely the quickest way down.

Syndicate isUbisoft’s darling promotion at SDCC, but it has other things going on, too. There’s a Tom Clancy’s The Division“Dark Zone,” and a generalized Ubi Workshop with more games to demo. Also, there are Assassin’s Creed, Division,and Toy Soldiers: War Chestpanels. But, it’ll be tough to find time to do any of those if you’re stuck standing on top of Big Ben replica paralyzed by fear.